3 Top MMORPGS of 2017

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Even with their recent spread over to consoles, the MMORPG genre is one of the last great PC exclusives. Gathering thousands, if not millions, of players, recent trends like free-to-play architectures or social networks’ implementations brought new life to this style. Playable almost with any computer connected to the internet, let’s see which captured our attention this year.

Let’s start with TERA, a title that surely has been on the tongue of every passionate hardcore gamer. Since not everybody loves the strategic & tiring combat system of classic MMORGS, Bluehole Studio decided to on its own route: an action oriented gameplay supports an incredibly detailed technical department that, not without its flaws, remains a spectacle to look at. A must play for free-to-play lovers.

The Elder Scrolls Online sure had a rough start, with beta cancellations, players’ rage quits and protests all around the web, but Bethesda is not known for giving up on any kind of idea (even bad ones) so they rebooted the entire game and started over.

The new version, called Tamriel Unlimited, finally gathered the critical acclaim that developers’ searched, with an improved gameplay, revived social interactions and a world map full of charm and adventures. If you loved Skyrim, Oblivion and even Morrowind you’ll be blessed by how much fan service there is in the lands of TESO, from saving the besieged Vivec City to invoking directly the gods.

Speaking of MMORPGs that had a difficult birth, Square Enix definitely knows a thing or two about erasing an entire project. Tagged upon release as a complete disaster, Final Fantasy XIV is quite literally living a rebirth, even including this “stop & go” into its own lore.

The previous world has been completely destroyed and what’s left is a great gameplay, tons of fun activities and a rewarding combat system. Basically everything that lacked from the first iterations has been implemented in a game that blinks its eye to the always loved Final Fantasy XI.

The latest of the frequent expansions is called Stormblood and introduces numerous goodies, such as a new level cap, new major quests, new jobs and the ability to swim.


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